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General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) regulate the mutual relations, rights and obligations of the Passenger Transfer (hereinafter TP) as a service provider and its client as a service user in the applicable legal framework that defines ways of conducting business. All transport services (hereinafter: services) of TP as a service provider shall be governed exclusively by this GTC. Each case of deviations from these GTC will have legal effect only if approved in advance and in writing by TP and shall remain effective only for that case. Employees on the job position of the driver are not authorized to provide any kind of contractual obligations in the name of the TP. By using TP, the client (individual person or legal entity) that is being transported (hereinafter traveler) agrees to abide by these GTC. Any event of a dispute related to these GTC will first be resolved amicably by direct agreement with the customer. Any agreement reached in this way must be certified in writing both by the client and TP.


Services that are negotiated and performed are based on customer requirements. Those request can be sent by phone, e-mail or in any other form of direct communication. TP will accepted every offer confirmed by client in writenn form via SMS, e-mail or in an official letter with return receipt.
A service that is not confirmed in this manner are not legally binding for TP and TP can not bear criminal, moral or business risk in that case. TP is not responsible for the inability of the client to receive a confirmation of its request by the TP. Any request that the client does not formally annul shall be considered valid.
TP does not take the obligation to verifiy any data, documents or information obtained by the client.


TP reserves the right to refuse or terminate the provision of the service at any time if there is a risk to passengers, staff or resources TP. In extraordinary circumstances, changes in traffic situations, as well as cases of natural disasters, TP reserves the right to substantially alter the time, route, to change the vehicle or any other element of service, all in accordance with the best interests of customers, its employees, as well as in protection purposes TP resources.
People suffering from chronic diseases, are obliged to inform employees of the TP about their health before departure, so that they, in the event that health problems become acute during the trip, knew what are prescribed therapies and provide the necessary assistance on the site, or to submit all the necessary information to the nearest hospital. TP may refuse to transport (even with the previously confirmed service) Persons whose behavior or condition are: essentially impair in any aspect of road safety, persons that may cause risk with their harmful behavior, and persons which are in the zone of security risks. TP is not obliged to carry GTC clause referring to business secret for Persons that seem to conduct any kind of criminal activity during the use of service, since in cases of official investigations this rule does not apply. TP is by these GTC disclaiming any obligation to the client behaving in manner of criminal action or manners that may lead to such action. Children under 6 years of age cannot use the services of TP without supervision of a parent or legal guardian. In cases where children under the age of 18 travel alone it is necessary to submit a notarized consent of both parents and/or guardians. Children under 6 years of age may be only accompanied with an adult who is obliged to take care about the needs and behavior of the child. The client, which needs independent transportation of children must have adequate documents, or provide to TP legally valid documentation which shows their right of the guardian and poses the right to dislocated minor in any direction. Employees of the TP within the provision of basic transport services are not prepared and not available to assist and provide animation or supervision of children. TP is obliged to provide adequate resources and services in terms of security of transport of children. Legal guardian or companion is obliged to supervise the children’s behavior in accordance with the instructions of the TP employees.


TP services requires appropriate and timely co-operation by the user. Therefore the user is required to take all necessary measures to help TP to provide a fast and secure service. The client has to:

  • Accurately and completely indicated all the address, flight numbers, directions of movements (departures and arrivals).
  • Know that all the changes of the original agreement deemed to be accepted and approved by the TP only after written confirmation.
  • Be precise, accurate and adhere to the information (address, time) given in the conclusion of the transaction, that is mentioned in the request.
  • Use the vehicle with due diligence, avoid behavior that could in any way indangerimplementation of adequate security or services.
  • Refrain from any action that might interfere with the employee and thus threaten the overall security of transport, or actions that directly represent the threat for the users of services or TP, and refrain from interfering with the employee driving the vehicle.
  • Know that smoking, consumption of alcohol are not allowed in vehicles.
  • Refrain form acting in a manner that may endanger the life and safety of participants in transport.
  • Adhere to guidelines of employees in TP regarding the use of services and vehicles.

If TP consideres that the behavior of passengers in the vehicle might endanger vehicle or persons or property on / in the vehicle, or to interfere with the staff while carrying out their duties or if the passenger fails to comply with the instructions of the staff, among others, those relating to smoking drinking alcohol or drugs, or if it behaves in a way that violates the peace or comfort of other passengers or crew, or behaives in way that could result in damage or injury the TP has the right to take measures it deems necessary to interrupt such behavior, including disablement of movement. TP has right to land the vehicle and refuses further transport of such a passenger/s. The traveler is required to obtain the necessary travel documents and visas that comply with the laws, rules, regulations, terms and conditions of countries travel to / of which client travels or transits trough.
TP does not bear responsibility for the consequences that traveler could suffer if she/he fails to obtain the relevant documents or visas, and if does not comply with the above laws, regulations, rules, requirements, conditions, rules and instructions.


The passenger is entitled to free transport certain amount of baggage, subject to the conditions and limitations that may be obtained from the TP. TP reserves the right to refuse to transport baggage if:

  • There is not enough space for its adequate and safe storage of the vehicle,
  • there is a suspicion that the baggage contains objects that may endanger the safety of participating in traffic (pyrophoric and explosive devices)
  • constitute of illegal goods (drugs, antiques, materials prohibited by law)
  • its weight exceeds the maximum permissible that might be transported on the vehicle,
  • cannot be properly and securely placed in the designated area because of its nature and size.

Firearms and ammunition, other than those used for hunting and sport must not be carried as baggage. Hunting and sporting weapons and ammunition can be accepted only as checked baggage. Firearms must be unloaded with the safety catch and packed. Baggage and other valuable items can remain in the vehicle, but TP does not bear any responsibility for it, even in cases when the customer leaves the vehicle for a short period of time. This provision applies to any confidential-documentary, storage devices such as USB and part of hand luggage whose disappearance might caused business damage to the the user or his company. TP is obliged to keep forgotten or lost luggage or other personal belongings of the client for three weeks after the end of implemented services. By GTC the TP does not bind to contact the customer in any other way, except for through contact which customer provied in their request. After three weeks, in accordance with the law, TP delivers baggage to the Bureau for lost belongings and a complete legal responsibility thus passes to this institution. TP will hand over the lost luggage to rightfull owner, in the found condition and only if that person offers convincing proof of the right to take luggage.


OnLine contracting services aligned with business practices TP. The customer enters specification of requirements the fields provided on the website of TP. Based on the specifications TP shall submit an informative offer, which is not legally binding. The offer contains an identification number. After receiving the offer, the customer can make the payment in a proper way that will be confirmed in writing by TP. After the realization of payments (payment made) with reference to an identification Offer no, TP takes responsibility for the contracted service. In cases where the client has a need for a change of its demand that has already been paid by the identification number, TP reserves the right to change prices or reversal of contractual obligations, all based on their identification number of offer. In such cases, the fee is non-refundable. In cases where the paid reservation is canceled 24 hours prior to the time specifiedin the offer, TP reimburses 70% of the amount paid to date offer. The procedure in cases of wrongly completed reservation is as follows:

  • The client cancels the existing an offer by identification number.
  • In the next request specifies the number of canceled offer in order to identify the transaction.
  • Change of reservations is considered final upon receipt of confirmation from the TP.

In cases when there is significant changes of reservations (more than 7km route) TP reserves the right to modify the price and submit an offer with the new amount to be pay under the given ID number. All payments in accordance with the law shall be made in RSD. Other currencies are converted at the official rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of the transaction.
TP is not responsible for the delay in payment, or any technical interference with payment cards. Reservation will be materialized after the influx of money to the account of the company and upon confirmation that TP deliveres to the client with the indication that the offer under a given identification number has been paid.


TP reserves the right to issue interim bills and, as a formal basis for the provision of services. TP reserves the right to charge a single and a wider range of services from basic services that the client requested. This means that the more complex servicess are payable on one or multiple invoices in accordance with the agreement between TP and subcontractors. Deadline for payment of provided servicess is indicated on each invoice. Delays in payment under the issued invoice automatically implies collection of interest as provided by law. TP has the right to within its core services, hire other companies or subcontractors in accordance with their needs. TP has no obligation to accept the explicit request of the client to hire staff who are not: in accordance with prescribed standards of TP, which have not undergone necessary training or do not meet the standards of the test of skills within the standard TP procedure. All terms of payment over the internet and card payment are placed on the official website. Conclusion of a contract with The TP may change provided payment termsin which case the contract is an older document from GTC The TP. In the case where a user is late with the from its pickup address (does not apply to airport) for the first 15 minutes of waiting will not be charged as an optimal hold. After the first 15 minutes, the customer will be notified by phone about a scheduled ride. If there is still a need for transport, and the client is not able to go immediately, it is necessary to confirm the transport by phone The TP call center. In this case, each commenced hour of waiting is charged at the standard price list. The TP reserves the right to further modify its offer price for each additional change of pick up/drop off address , change of route or changes in the number of passengers that depart from different locations. The traveler is required to inspect his luggage immediately after the transportation services and establish possibly caused damage or file a complaint in connection with luggage. All subsequent appeals and complaints related to the resulting damage to the luggage will not be honored.

User is obliged to check the passenger compartment in which it transported, devices used. The TP is not responsible for the items and values that the user leaves behind in the vehicle. When driving from the airport apply specific business conditions relating to the delay. Waiting time which will not be charged is 30 minutes upon landing of the plane. Shift in time of landing, which was not generated as an error made by customer while ordering services or due to changes its plan, are not charged. Delayed landing in case of force majeure are also fee of charge.

After 30 minutes of waiting, furthure waiting will be charged according to the official price list for each commenced hour. If there are objective reasons for a delay, such as delays occurred upon unloading from the plane (customs, inspection of documents, lost baggage) users should inform the The TP about it over the phone. If there are objective reasons for the delay, waiting additional will not be charged.


The TP reserves the right to hire subcontractors as part of its core business and in related activities, based on a request the client. The TP is not obliged to inform the client about changes subcontractor. All subcontractors are in compliance with the prescribed standards of service The TP in the case of their engagement, The TP shall bear full legal, professional and moral responsibility for its service. At the express request of the client the TP is not obliged to hire subcontractors that do not meet the standards of business and legal legitimacy.


Any communication with the the TP on the needs of the client is considered to be business secret. Confidentiality is essential for all the communication that is conducted even when it is informativ and is not formally completed with business arrangement. Every employee of the the TP is a signatory to a separate agreement on the obligations of professional secrecy, as to the TP, and to our customers. The provisions of this Agreement are valid within the company itself. It is strictly prohibited the use of any technical means, that are used for the purpose of tracking, interception or interference with telecommunications equipment. In the event that the client needs such equipment, it is necessary to state that that in its request to the TP. Such equipment is assembled and disassembled in an authorized service in the presence of responsible persons from the TP. The application of any equipment by the way of functioning and its characteristics jeopardize the safety of the vehicle and of Transport is not allowed. The client has the right to request deletion of written communication in relation to the service that was completed and billed by the TP. The only exception to this rule is the financial documentation necessary for the bookkeeping conduct of charge. Addresses from which the service is provided, the number of passengers, their names, contacts, routes that they left and the place to which they were going, could be deleted from our database upon the request of client. Collecting, processing and use of personal data about the employee or the TP as a company, which are not considered publicly available data, shall be treated as a violation of professional secrecy.


For all disputes arising in connection with this GTC, Commercial court in Belgrade will be competent. The TP invites all clients to resolve amicably any eventual disputes in the spirit of good business cooperation through institutional mediation.


The document is legally binding for both parties, unless otherwise agreed, which had been confirmed in writing.

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